Human Capital Management

Improving your profitability through a well-managed workforce.

Lyons HCM helps manage your most valuable resource—your people. We work with small and mid-sized businesses to navigate the storm of human resource issues. We identify costly HR exposures and enhance HR processes with services targeted to address the specific needs of your business. We offer professional guidance on tough employment issues and solutions that address your industry’s challenges with proven advice, tools and best practices that work…backed by a team of HR professionals certifies in various disciplines by the NAHU, SHRM, HRCI and AICPCU.


Our suite of services encompasses all stages of the employment lifecycle - recruitment to retirement, and everything in between.


The HR Audit: Mapping the Path Forward

Our process begins with a needs assessment based on existing management practices within your organization.  The HR Audit provides us with an understanding of your firm and forms the foundation from which we can develop recommendations for “best practices” and strategies to address compliance issues.


HR Consulting

Our Human Resource consulting capabilities allow us to design and deliver HR solutions that strategically align with your business objectives.  Our goal is to maximize performance through "best practice" HR products and services.

  • Employee manual development

  • Recruiting, hiring, training, payroll and benefits

  • Organizational design and succession planning


HR Compliance Services

Know the potential areas of employment liability before violations incur costly penalties.  Proactively managed compliance risks save time and money.

  • Federal and state employment mandates

  • Personnel file compliance

  • Record retention

  • I-9 employment verification



Even the most experienced managers are faced with questions they need help answering.  The Lyons HCM hotline provides ready access to experienced HR professionals with the expertise to quickly and accurately address complex questions and concerns. 

  • Policies, procedures and employment law

  • Managing leaves of absence

  • Discipline and termination documentation


Human Capital -The Bottom Line

As your business’s biggest asset and greatest expense, your workforce has to be well managed.  Whether your HR department needs additional support or a second opinion, the services of a Lyons HCM professional will help you manage employment issues before they become complicated legal problems.  Click here to learn more...


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