Parcels delivers for Fortune 500 businesses. Lyons makes insurance premiums deliver for Parcels.

In 1980, U.S. Mail carrier Jim Johnson saw opportunity in the inefficiencies of delivery services and created Parcels, an award-winning provider of document management, delivery and support services for the corporate, legal and medical communities.


In 2013, Jim and Maureen made Parcels’ commitment to safety, loss prevention and claims management pay off by becoming Lyons Companies 100th captive client. “We are in the driver’s seat now. Our insurance costs are more predictable with premiums based on our own loss experience not the cost of claims for other businesses,” said Sean Kennedy, Vice President of Parcels, Inc. “Lyons made us captive-ready by implementing safety and claims strategies that save time and money.”


A group captive is an insurance company that insures its owners—financially strong, vetted businesses with proven success in limiting claims and  managing risk. Lyons Companies is an expert in identifying the right captive opportunities for middle-market businesses.