At Lyons Companies, we see risk management as an investment – not an expense. Using the Lyons Principle, we can help your company control risks and costs by delivering proactive risk management consulting services, competitively priced traditional insurance coverage and captive insurance options custom-designed to make your business stronger. Learn more about our claims advocacy, risk prevention services, workers compensation expertise and global capabilities.

Enterprise-wide risk management

We start with a comprehensive review of the strengths and weaknesses of your current risk management program. Using our findings, we then work with management to identify the risk prevention initiatives that will have the greatest impact on the bottom line and develop a plan to implement them.

Comprehensive insurance coverage

By getting to know your business inside and out, Lyons designs insurance programs that address the exposures your business faces – identifying coverage duplications and uninsured risks. We then aggressively solicit the most competitive pricing for your plan from our extensive network of carrier relationships. Once your coverage is secured, our expert client service teams provide meticulous and responsive support.

Claims advocacy

Your ability to manage claims directly impacts your costs – both today and in the future. That’s why our experts work with you from Day One to improve your claims handling procedures – from reporting to resolution.  We regularly review open claims with management and work with clients, carriers and adjusters to develop clear action plans that move open claims toward resolution.


Risk prevention and cost control

Using our Risk Profile Analysis, we work with management to identify the four to five risk prevention goals with the greatest potential impact on the bottom line.  Then our team of professionals works with you to execute an action plan to improve corporate culture, hiring practices, fleet safety, employee training and more.


Workers Compensation

With two certified workers compensation advisors in house, Lyons has built an impressive track record for building employee buy-in for workplace safety programs and culture, proactively preventing losses and aggressively mitigating claims. These initiatives help minimize losses, control premiums and free you to manage your business.


Specialty Programs

Expertise grows not from repetition but rather from innovation and adaptation. For decades, Lyons has partnered successfully with insurance carriers to access or develop programs that address the unique risks associated with specific industries. These include the energy and financial industries, municipalities, real estate and select small businesses. Learn more about how Lyons can meet the unique needs of your business by visiting our Specialty Programs home page.


Global capabilities

As an Assurex Global partner, Lyons Companies can connect our clients with international expertise and insurance carrier access that far surpass what most local or regional firms can offer. Assurex’s 105 partners provide a network of 600 offices on six continents.

Expert and accessible professionals

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Success stories

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