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Lyons Companies understands the value of every dollar spent on employee benefits and that a compliant, comprehensive employee benefits program, utilizing the right HRIS and enrollment system is essential.  Our consultative approach is based on risk management strategies for employee benefits plan design, implementation, communication and evaluation. 

Employee Benefits Services

Managing Employee Benefits Risk

The direct and indirect factors that affect the total cost of your employee benefits program are employee benefits risks.


Direct risks that impact the pricing of your medical insurance program include the health of your workforce population, forecasted usage and how efficiently the program is utilized. Indirect cost drivers are numerous and can represent as much as 50% of the cost of your entire employee benefits expense. These are costs associated with employee turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, HR and benefits compliance, and increased regulatory enforcement, taxes and fines.


The Lyons Companies benefits platform integrates health risk management, compliance, HR and business service strategies that result in administrative relief, richer benefits options, lower liabilities and systemic improvements that lead to higher productivity.


Program elements include:

Benefits management

Health risk management and wellness programs

Health advocacy

Government compliance

Workforce education and communications



Each of these plan elements is designed to address employee benefits risk and to empower management and employees to make decisions that produce better outcomes and increase performance.

Strategic analysis and cost-effective programs

More than ever, today’s HR professionals must balance the need to recruit and retain employees with the need to control rising costs. That’s why Lyons begins each relationship with a comprehensive analysis of your programs’ strengths and weaknesses and never stops monitoring and evaluating performance relative to the bottom line. Our accessible experts start by listening to your needs and educating you on all of your options. We then draw on our extensive network of carriers and vendors to find the right programs for your business at the right price. Through timely and proactive program adjustments, our experts can help you minimize risk and control costs.

Program implementation and administration

Once we identify the right health care providers, Lyons serves as your liaison with them. We also work closely with you to set up your program, systems and facilitate enrollment. From crafting employee communications to supporting claims resolution, your Lyons client team takes the time to ensure that you and your employees fully understand your benefits programs and can maximize their value without driving up costs.

HR Compliance and regulatory support

In a marketplace rife with regulations, Lyons works with you to ensure that your benefits and workplace programs comply with all federal, state and local laws. From ADA to HIPAA to FMLA, our expert teams help sort through the alphabet soup with an industry-standard compliance checklist that squares your programs with the law.  Learn more about HR Compliance Services at Lyons Companies.

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