Private Client Services

The rewards of managing a business reach far beyond your company’s walls. Your home. Your assets.

The lifestyle your family enjoys requires the same protection as your business—if not more. Our experts get to know you, your family, and the additional risks that come with your success. Ensure you are covered against all of them.  Click below to get started.

Private Client Services

Lyons Companies has been a leader in providing risk management and employee benefits services to private and commercial clients throughout the United States for over thirty years. By combining large-firm resources with independent, local-firm accountability, Lyons creates personal risk management portfolios that respond to your needs. Our Private Client service team takes the time to get to know you and understand the exposures inherent to your interests.  The professionals at Lyons ensure that you’re covered against all of themnow and in the future.

Comprehensive protection

With greater responsibility often comes greater liability. That’s why personal excess liability insurance is a must – especially for company directors and officers who may face risks generated by the actions of their subordinates or 3rd party vendors. Similarly, your family’s pursuits may create additional exposure through travel, building private collections or even charity work. That’s why Lyons employs a comprehensive matrix of key risk identifiers to custom craft the right coverage for you, your cherished assets and your family’s lifestyle.

Cost analysis and competitive pricing

Once we’ve identified your coverage needs, our experienced experts conduct a meticulous analysis of the potential program costs and draw on our extensive network of trusted, top-rated carriers to secure the most competitive rates.


Exceptional service starts with strong, proactive relationships. That’s why we pair every customer with a dedicated expert who takes the time to ensure that you understand every element of your coverage – no matter how complex. And when something comes up, big or small, we want you to call us first. So that we’re responsive this time – and proactive the next. It’s how we build trust – and keep you happy, healthy and safe.

Annual review and assessment

Every time your life changes – be it a promotion, major purchase or addition to the family – so do your coverage needs. That’s why we proactively monitor your coverage throughout your policy term. And provide a comprehensive coverage and premium comparison at renewal time to ensure that you always understand your options and make the best choices for you and your family.  

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