Commercial Specialty Programs

Energy industry risk financing

Preferred Energy Group (PEG) provides its member-owners with cost-effective coverage that meets the specific needs of companies in the energy sector.  Owned by leaders in the propane, petroleum and fuel oil distribution industries, PEG has operated as group captive insurance company since 2004.

ERISA and Fiduciary Bonds

Lyons Companies provides competitive pricing and expedited placement of fiduciary liability insurance and ERISA crime bonds for pension and benefit plan administrators. Under the law, plan trustees may be held personally liable for adverse outcomes resulting from the management of these plans putting their personal assets at risk.


Apartment and Lessors Risk Real Estate Program

CIBA Insurance Services offers group purchasing programs that target residential and custom/industrial real estate risks.  Unique program features include significant catastrophe sub-limits, expanded coverage tailored to lessor's risk property and liability exposures, and high excess limits. CIBA also supports its members with aggressive claims management, legal defense and loss control support.


Select Business Division

Small business owners need to safeguard their assets and livelihood from potential losses by purchasing sound business insurance.  As an independent insurance broker, Lyons Companies offers the necessary coverage options small business owners need at competitive prices making the entire process simple, fast and easy.