Success Stories


How well does your broker know your business?

By getting to know a local HVAC contractor inside and out, we were able to increase the company’s coverage while saving 45% on insurance premiums. Learn more>

How well do your premiums reflect your claims incidence?

By asking this simple question, we were able to turn insurance coverage for a Wilmington-based painting company from an expense into a profit center. Learn more>



What’s the hardest part of choosing and administering a benefits plan?

By asking this simple question, we put the right knowledge and resources in the hands of the HR benefits manager at a Wilmington optometry practice. Making her job easier. And her employees healthier and happier. Learn more>

Human Capital Management
Have you thought about outsourcing portions of your HR function?

By asking this simple question, Lyons was able to increase efficiency for the controller of a regional energy management company by 20% – without raising costs. Learn more>

Private Client Services
Exceptional lifestyles require exceptional coverage, service and expertise.
We deliver all three to some of the region’s most successful executives.
Learn more>