Improving the bottom line through improved HR efficiency

From book keeper to payroll to HR, few people at small to mid-size businesses wear more hats than the controller. Spread those responsibilities over offices in two different states – each with their own regulations – and you’ll begin to understand the premium that Jeannie Thwaites, controller at Advanced Power Control, puts on her time. By asking a few simple questions, however, Lyons was able to take one of her most complicated and time-consuming responsibilities – compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – off her plate by finding a cost-efficient third-party administrator.

“Outsourcing the FMLA component, along with the other support Lyons provides, has given me 20 percent more time to spend on improving our company’s bottom line,” says Jeannie

In addition to educating Jeannie on her outsourcing options, Lyons is implementing an online benefits administration system that streamlines open enrollment, allows for year-round updating via a self-service employee portal, and consolidates medical, dental, vision and life billing. “Lyons gives me 100 times more options and information than my previous provider did,” Jeannie explains. “They’re always looking ahead, which allows us to manage costs and make the best decisions for our company long-term.”