Benefit plans that work…
without the legwork

Is it researching the myriad plan options out there? Complying with layers of laws and regulations? Or getting the runaround from your providers? HR managers probably split evenly on their least favorite part of choosing and administering an employee benefits plan.  Fortunately, Lyons helps do all three for Helene Goodge, HR benefits manager at Wilmington’s Simon Eye Associates.  “Lyons does all of our plan research for us. We trust them to find the right options for our needs, and they explain the pros and cons of each,” she explains. “It’s one-stop shopping that saves the time and money we’d have to spend doing exhaustive comparative analysis.”

Once the plans are in place, a Lyons consultant  works with Helene to ensure that her employees understand every aspect of their coverage. The Lyons team provides a steady stream of relevant plan communications that Helene can forward directly to her employees. And when questions or issues arise, Helene calls her account team directly. “They answer all my questions – with no runaround,” says Helene. “I get the information I need quickly and efficiently, enabling me to be that much more effective in what I do for Simon Eye.”

Finally, the Lyons team use their deep expertise in the healthcare market to keep Simon Eye one step ahead of the ever-changing regulatory environment. Says Helene: “They’re always thinking ahead… and that helps us keep our practice at the top of its game."