Better Business Consultants

Lyons Companies is proud to partner with Better Business Consultants to offer valuable programs to affiliate members.

Through a partnership with Lyons Companies,  Better Business Consultants affiliates have the opportunity to take advantage of several value programs to help make your business stronger.

Private Client Insurance

The rewards of managing a business reach far beyond your company’s walls. Your home. Your assets. The lifestyle your family enjoys. These are the true irreplaceables. And they require the same protection as your business—if not more. Our experts get to know you, your family, and the additional risks that come with your success. And ensure that you’re covered against all of them—now and in the future.


Valuable Savings on Coverages Your Employees Need

Additionally through your Better Business Consultants affiliation, you have the ability to offer your employees access to customized coverage for their personal insurance coverages at preferred premiums.


Working within a monthly budget to get the right insurance coverage can be challenging for most people. By offering auto and home through your group benefits program, you can give members access to valuable group discounts. When members save on coverage they already have, it gives them more options to get the right protection.


The ability to offer this program is available through your affiliation with Better Business Consultants at no additional cost to your organization.

Cyber deficiencies and data breaches cost businesses on average $3.92 million per incident. When it comes to cyber risk, you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to be targeted.


With the increasing costs of state regulations and compliance, Better Business Consultants has taken the initiative to create and procure its own cyber insurance program for its affiliates.


This program is specifically tailored to protect and safeguard the exposures of highly successful families and professional, and because of the size of membership, Better Business Consultants is able to leverage its buying power to offer enhanced coverage.


Key Features

  • Broadened definitions for “Protected information”
  • Tailored wording to address the evolving regulatory, legal and cyber security laws of each state
  • Network Extortion to cover payments to prevent digital destruction/impairment
  • Business Interruption coverage to cover loss of profits and expenses from interruptions of member’s systems; with contingent business interruption, and interruption of third party’s’ systems
  • Coverage for when monies are criminally or fraudulently acquired by a hostile party
  • No minimum premiums; premiums scaled for all sizes of risk

Business owners need to safeguard their assets and livelihood from potential losses by purchasing sound business insurance.


By getting to know your business inside and out, Lyons designs insurance programs that address the exposures your business faces – identifying coverage duplication and uninsured risks. We then aggressively solicit a combination of the most competitive coverage, retentions and premium for your plan from our extensive network of carrier relationships. Once your coverage is secured, our expert client service teams provide meticulous and responsive support.