Reminder: EEO-1 Survey must be filed by September 30th

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Reminder: EEO-1 Survey must be filed by September 30th

September 23, 2016

The EEO-1 Report is to be submitted and certified by
Friday, September 30, 2016.

The Employer Information Report EEO-1, otherwise known as the EEO-1 Report, is a compliance survey report, mandated by federal law, which requires company employment data to be categorized by race/ethnicity, gender and job category. Large employers and federal contractors generally must file the EEO-1 Report annually with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee.

Who Must File

The EEO-1 Report generally must be filed by:

  • Private employers with 100 or more employees (or fewer than 100 employees if the company is owned by or corporately affiliated with another company and the entire enterprise employs a total of 100 or more employees); and
  • Federal contractors (private employers) subject to Executive Order 11246 who have 50 or more employees and:
    • Are prime contractors or first-tier subcontractors, and have a contract, subcontract, or purchase order amounting to $50,000 or more; or
    • Serve as a depository of government funds in any amount; or
    • Are a financial institution which is an issuing and paying agent for U.S. Savings Bonds and Notes.

For more information, view this Fact Sheet for EEO-1 Survey Filers.

A sample copy of the EEO-1 form and instructions are available here.