There is NO Such Thing as Multi-Tasking Behind the Wheel

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There is NO Such Thing as Multi-Tasking Behind the Wheel

April 22, 2021

The term multi-tasking is a product of the computer age and refers to a method where multiple tasks are performed during the same period of time. Can you operate a motor vehicle while driving? The answer is yes, but how effectively is the driver performing both tasks? Think about the terms Active and Passive. While talking while driving the driver is actively talking and passively driving. This is proven by:

  • The rising number of auto accidents each year attributed to distraction (passively driving which caused a driving error which resulted in an accident).
  • What happens to a phone conversation when the driver realizes the light turned red or the traffic ahead suddenly stops? The conversation stops immediately so the brain can fully focus on stopping the vehicle (brain switches from passively driving to actively driving)
  • Drivers missing turns or getting lost because they were on the phone (actively talking and passively driving)

Here is a question to think about: If on a plane, train or bus would you want the pilot, engineer or driver using a cell phone to argue with their spouse, take a selfie or post on Instagram?

Driving distractions are numerous and cell phones are a primary cause. Auto accidents caused by cell phones can have devastating consequences. Individuals and business owners need to re-think the true effectiveness and importance of using cell phones while driving and make serious changes to lifestyle and business models, respectively.

For additional information please visit the National Safety Council’s website for articles on distracted driving as well as poster titled “The Great Multitasking Lie”.