Raising personal service and protection to a higher level.

For more than 30 years, the financial professionals at Daniels & Tansey have built their business by meeting a higher class of expectations. “Our clients are highly motivated and successful people,” explains Christopher “Kit” Daniels, a co-founder of the Wilmington-based firm. “They’re accustomed to delegating responsibility to expert resources. And they expect the job to get done to the highest standards.” While Kit and his colleagues have assembled the firm’s team of investment and wealth managers, consultants and financial planners to meet those needs, they delegate responsibility when it comes to one critical area: insurance coverage for their clients’ families and possessions.


“We’re not insurance experts,” says Kit, “so we turn to Lyons Companies. We have complete trust and confidence that they will bring the same depth of knowledge and level of service to our clients’ insurance needs as we do for their financial needs.” This requires a keen understanding of the nuanced risk exposures inherent in highly successful lifestyles. These range from insuring multiple properties in different states to covering liabilities stemming from service on nonprofit boards to recognizing the policy distinctions between family automobiles and collectibles. “Lyons consistently thinks outside the box to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ most sophisticated needs – all while keeping the coverage accessible and the service impeccable.”