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OSHA QuickTakes

April 29, 2020

Below is the latest information and resources from OSHA to help you keep your employees safe during the pandemic.

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Meatpacking Guidance

OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released joint coronavirus-related guidance for meatpacking and processing workers and employers.

Pandemic Preparedness

Detailed guidance on how employers should prepare themselves and their workers is available in English, Spanish, and now as an eBook.

Preventing Exposure

The latest OSHA Alerts provide recommended practices to help prevent exposure in construction, retail sales, package delivery, and manufacturing.

Risk Assessment

OSHA’s occupational exposure risk pyramid shows what measures to take to protect workers based on their industry and contact with others.

Quick Tips Videos

A series of brief videos provide quick tips on subjects such as handwashing, disinfecting workplaces, social distancing, and industry risk factors.

Tip of the Day

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Educational Poster

OSHA’s poster listing 10 steps to reduce exposure risk is now available in 12 languages.

Workers’ Rights

It is illegal for employers to retaliate against workers because they report unsafe and unhealthful working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Enforcement Memos

An interim guidance on decontamination of respirators in healthcare is the latest in a series of enforcement memos OSHA issued to address workplace exposure to coronavirus.


Updates to osha.gov and other agency webpages on COVID-19, publications, videos, and news make resources easier to find and access.

Other Resources

A U.S. Department of Labor website consolidates information on safety, wages, work hours, unemployment insurance and other issues related to COVID-19